From virtual patients to real innovation

Get access to our huge v-Patients database, speed up innovation of your medical device with virtual anatomy studies and virtual trials, and perform a virtual implantation jointly with your medical advisors.

Replace clinical evidence with data-driven virtual patients as digital evidence throughout the whole product life cycle, from concept and design feasibility, to animal testing and clinical trials.
v-Patients is the revolution in implant innovation.

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Key benefits Disruptive, Impactful, Innovative

Prevent costly trial-and-error

Experiment in a safe environment thanks to our data-driven process. Save substantial resources and reduce risks compared to conventional methods.

Decrease animal and human trials

Reduce unnecessary animal testing and exposure to unproven therapies by solely testing on clinically relevant patients and animals.

Accelerate time-to-market

Shorten iteration loops by integrating human test subjects in the form of our virtual patients from a very early stage of development up to regulatory approval.

Say hello to virtual evidence

Welcome to the digital era

Conventional methods such as bench-testing and (pre-)clinical trials are limited in their scope and availability.

Use our virtual patients as digital evidence to replace clinical evidence where possible. Include a large number of patients in the design study even before manufacturing a prototype.

Powerful alone, better together

Miscommunication can lead to time loss and unnecessary delay of medical innovations.

Meet in a virtual room and validate your latest design collaboratively in high-accuracy 3D anatomy models - on any PC and in VR.

One size does not fit all

Every patient is unique and there is a wide variety in anatomical and morphological characteristics.

Increase evaluation confidence by recruiting patients for your virtual study who specifically match your target group.

The long journey to approval

The regulatory approval process is increasingly costly and time consuming.

Simplify your approval with our in silico testing methods a process that is more and more supported by the US FDA and European Commission.

Allow us to introduce our virtual patients

Our virtual patients represent different:
An ever-expanding v-Patients database

We create our virtual patients using contrast-enhanced, high-resolution CT scans of thousands of patients with different pathologies and ethnic backgrounds. 3D and 4D anatomy models are reconstructed to perform measurements and statistical analyses.

Cardiovascular : Service launched

Our virtual patients are primarily focused on implantable devices in the cardiovascular area. In this field it is especially interesting to investigate the pumping heart during its cycle: The virtual patients are time-resolved, so the heart deformation can be observed in the systolic and diastolic phases of the cardiac cycle.

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Orthopedics : Service in development

Our next destination is to accompany developers of orthopedic implants with our virtual patients. So stay tuned if you are working on an orthopedic implant and want to explore the human locomotor system virtually.

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