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Our passion is driving medical innovation forward.
Virtonomy is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and combines an interdisciplinary team of experts in medical engineering, image and data processing, visualization and clinical practice.

v-Patients was created
to remove barriers
from implant innovation

The costs of developing a new medical device have risen tremendously over the last decade, while the time to market can take as long as 10 years for high-risk devices. Regulatory costs are outpacing revenue growth as requirements increase and regulations are getting tougher to fulfill.

It's time for a rethink.

So, we set out to change this by being among the first to offer virtual medical device testing. We provide a fast, easy and affordable solution to get digital evidence and additional insights that conventional methods cannot offer.

Driven by
our values

Our shared attitudes, goals and practices are the foundation of our culture and the guiding principles of our business.








Our shared attitudes, goals and practices are the foundation of our culture and the guiding principles of our business.

Our core team

Our experts are available to answer any technical or specific questions you may have.

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Dr. Simon Sonntag

Clinical and regulatory expertise


I’m the CEO and co-founder of Virtonomy. If you have any medical related question or concerning the virtual patient cohort, desired target pathology and how digital evidence can be used for the regulatory process, please contact me.

I firmly believe that in silico testing will have a tremendous impact on medical device regulation in the coming years, and v-Patients plays a significant role in this.

Wen-Yang Chu

AI and 3D-imaging segmentation


I’m CTO of Virtonomy. If you want to know more about technologies used in the v-Patients platform, please reach out to me.

I believe v-Patients can bring you innovative and effectively validated technologies to accelerate your medical device development throughout the complete development cycle.

Gloria Zörnack

Visualization and virtual reality


I’m Product Manager of v-Patients and VR Engineer at Virtonomy, and responsible for our interactive visualization. I’m the right person to talk to when it comes to questions about the collaborative aspect of v-Patients, hands-on anatomy studies or population-based design evaluation.

I strongly believe that our powerful, collaborative, virtual experiment rooms can make the life of an implant developer so much easier.

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